Our New Website Launches!

Welcome to our new website! We're proud of the work that we have done here, especially as it's been built in-house and with a budget of zero (Squarespace license aside). We love it when things are easy, and we also like to share any DIY tips that we come across. So, as we launch the site we thought it would be great to share how we did it. 

Here are the tools that we used:

  • Squarespace. www.squarespace.com
    • Squarespace is a wonderfully simple and easy to use tool that incorporates professionally designed templates and a great integration with Getty Images ensuring that you have an extensive library of high quality photography to give your website the look and feel you want. It also includes registration of your domain name.
  • Unsplash. https://unsplash.com/
    • Unsplash is a source of free high quality images, that gives you an alternative to the integration with Getty. The built in integration with Getty is great but it isn't free, costing about $10 per image. Unsplash gives you a limited library of high quality images. We hope you like the ones that we've used.
  • You Tube. www.youtube.com
    • At Team 6ix we've got more knowledge than most on Content Management Systems but, we aren't often using them ourselves directly. Most importantly, you may be daunted using a tool such as Squarespace, WordPress or Drupal. Squarespace is one of the easiest but, you may still want some help. Youtube is full of tutorial videos. Our favourite was the father/son combo by WebsitesMadeSimple. If a 9 year old boy can do it, I am sure that you can

So now it is your turn. Go on, its not as hard as you think....