Refined business case with qualified in-year and multi-year investment requirements and key objectives, measurables and targets


An MVP of the global platform was launched in multiple countries


Product and technology processes and practices implemented


Created a harmonised culture between Business & Technology groups


Our client are a global Business Process Outsource provider to the Insurance, Fleet and Lease Management industries. They are privately owned and are part of a leading alternative asset manager. 

With over 3,000 employees and offices in Europe, India, North America, South Africa, Eastern Europe and the UK, they support over 1,000 clients and provide a range of claim management, accident management, repair management, network management, warranty and service plan management services.

The services provided, and the people, technology and expertise behind them, extend deeply into the supply chain sector, with the ability to provide a range of complex and diverse solutions to clients on a regional or global level.

At the heart of this companie’s strategy is investment and excellence in technology, with a reputation for producing and delivering high quality technology solutions, to match the increasing expectations and innovation demanded within the insurance industry and associated supply chain.

The Problem

At the time, our client were struggling with speed and cost of development in bringing new technology iterations / innovations to market, complex legacy integration solutions, maintenance and support of many technically different products and platforms, user experience deficiencies, cost to serve and resource skills challenges.

Several of the older previously developed technology solutions were beginning to impact areas of operational efficiency and cost-to-serve targets as the business grew and scaled rapidly.

Furthermore, as Client D was moving further up the value chain in terms of services it was able to offer to larger clients / prospects, many of their existing technology solutions were not particularly fit-for-purpose for further upstream services / activities, which presented further challenges to the group in terms of growth strategy.

The Solution

In 2016 our customer carried out a strategic review of their technology operating model and all technology solutions. The conclusion of this review was that a transformation program was required to consolidate a large and technically diverse estate of over 40 separate individual technology solutions, into a single global operating platform to manage all their services from / with.

The program of work – was launched in mid-2016 with the objectives and targets to deliver the following outcomes -

  • A unified platform across client and internal operations, and consumer engagement globally

  • A technology operating model and organisational structure based on contemporary principles and best practice

  • Easier connection and integration to clients and the supply chain

  • Accessible through any device (device agnostic)

  • Regular, repeatable and sustainable development releases to a published yearly calendar

  • Improved user experiences based on UX principles, research and heuristics

  • High availability, scalability and global implementation

  • Reduced time-to-value for operational and client onboarding

  • A contemporary enterprise architecture, utilising common and best in-class development frameworks and techniques, with high levels of integration, modularity and extensibility

  • The ability to handle 10s of millions of transactions per year

  • Ability to migrate all existing business operations, functions and clients to the platform over a period 3 years


Client D appointed Team 6ix to lead and manage several areas of the program including - Product Strategy and Roadmap, Demand & Requirements Management, Product Operating Model, User Experience.

Team 6ix represented Product Leadership within the leadership team, and our Product experts initiated a global engagement program with with multiple business units / business leaders in over 10 countries, and local & regional technology teams to develop the product strategy, roadmap and operating model for demand and requirements management.

Over an 18-month period Team 6ix then went on to manage and delivery additional transformation and program activity outlined in this case study.

Program Delivery and Results

During an 18-month period the following objectives and activities were met and delivered – met and delivered -

  • A signed off product strategy and global product roadmap

  • A refined business case with qualified in-year and multi-year investment requirements and key objectives, measurables and targets

  • An MVP of the global platform was launched in multiple countries – based on a PaaS architecture, and delivering a fit-for-purpose global platform to run the operations of our client

  • An on-going multi-country migration and platform consolidation roadmap was refined and delivered

  • Detailed low-level requirements roadmap and a database / capture of all previously developed requirements with full traceability

  • A sustainable product, UX and technology operating model, right-sized and with resources represented in multiple regions

  • Product and technology processes and practices implemented, harnessing best practice, and using continuous improvement techniques to refine and mature on-going

  • Created a harmonised culture between Business & Technology groups, and create far high levels of understanding, empathy, collaboration and delivery focus within the company

  • A target on-going yearly technology budget / level of investment was agreed

  • The platform received high levels of advocacy and positive sentiment during MVP and subsequent on-boarding and implementation in countries

  • Through on-going research - platform was proven to increase productivity levels, and reduce the level of effort for many key users by significant percentages – particularly in high-demand areas such as call centres


The program continues to be a success to this day and is now supporting the next phases of Client Ds business strategy and growth journey.

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Daniel Rowe