Negotiated Savings - Over €500,000


25 platforms integrated


20,000 SKUs and 10,000 product images migrated


40,000 SKUs were reduced by 50%


An innovative and visionary founder started our client over 200 years ago. They have a long tradition and experience in the field of crafting; where they inspire crafting enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy a greater pleasure in their creative passion.

Our client manufacture and distribute craft products to small retailers throughout Europe. They operate for primary brands which are synonymous with crafters across the globe.

The Problem

This crafting client is a well established B2B company. Despite some example of product innovation the company has struggled to exploit opportunities to adopt technology to help them overcome three core problems:

  • Sales are heavily reliant on a human salesforce

  • No relationship or insight with the real end customer

  • Unable to track marketing effectiveness and had limited content reusability


The Opportunity

Creating a digital experience for both customers and consumers enables our client to:

  • Increase Sales

  • Improve Customer Relationships

  • Reduce Costs


The Solution

Following the recruitment of a Head of Digital, the company developed a vision and strategy known as Digital Foundations; and appointed Team6ix to bring the vision to life. Digital Foundations had 4 workstreams:

  • e-Commerce

  • Product Information Management

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Web Design


Team6ix were responsible for business case generation, requirements gathering, vendor selection, commercial negotiation and implementation across all four work streams.


  • Negotiated Savings - Over €500,000

  • 25 platforms integrated

  • 20,000 SKUs and 10,000 product images migrated

  • 40,000 SKUs were reduced by 50%


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